I'm a newbie to both this forum and to C++. I need to extract various bits of information from an input file. I have no problem setting up to read from the file but I dont fully understand how to get the information I want from it.

It is a simple text file:

Kraushaar,Silke 25 Germany 1:02.517 1:06.339 1:10.249
Huefner,Tatjana 54 Gemany 1:03.969 1:02.134 1:02.19 1:07.660 1:05.372
Zablocki,Courtney 37 UnitedStates 0:59.828 1:00.826 01:11.001 0:54.742
Ludan,Liliya 20 Ukraine 0:62.008 01:09.781 1:07.484 0:58.22

Retrosi,Samantha 42 UnitedStates 01:10.382 0:58.22 1:03.793 1:12.397
Lauscher,Regan 59 Canada

I was told I could use strtok_s() to pull pieces from the file. Now I dont fully understand how to use this function. I do understand what tokens and delimators are but I'm not sure how to read say only the times "1:02.517 1:06.339 1:10.249" I can see that they are seperated by spaces but how do i get far enough into the file to read these without picking up all the other information?

I realize this is probably a rudimentary question but I'm not a hardcore programmer by any means and it has been quite a while since I programmed in C. If you could just give me some hints to point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.