IsTime not available in VB

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Thread: IsTime not available in VB

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    IsTime not available in VB

    IsDate determines if the date entered is a valid date, but there's not such thing for time. IsDate is available in VB but IsTime is not. why? could anyone develop this. seems so challenging though.

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    IsDate works with times, too:

    Dim sTime As String
    sTime = "12:19 AM"
    Debug.Print IsDate(sTime)
    ' Prints True

    sTime = "12:62 AM"
    Debug.Print IsDate(sTime)
    ' Prints False
    Phil Weber

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    Feb 2006
    thanks for the help, but my problem is determining whether the entered time in a maskedbox is a valid time or not. the syntax is this:

    If maskedbox = "__:__" Then MessageError: maskedbox.SetFocus: Exit Sub

    this only traps if there is no time entered, but if the entered time is invalid, like 03:61, it won't trap and generates an error/debug.
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