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    Aug 2004

    Passing Vector to another function for modification

    What I am attempting to do, is basically load a vector from another function. The code below is what I have attempted, but it won't work. In short, I declare a vector that will contain pointers to a struct. I pass the address of the vector to another function that will create a number of structs using malloc and store the pointers to those memory locations in the Vector. It doesn't seem to be working, can anyone help????

    typedef my_struct* struct_ptr;
    typedef struct my_struct{
    double value;

    void loadvector(vector<struct_ptr>* structPtr_vector){
    for(int j = 0; j < 10; j++){
    struct_ptr thePtr = (struct_ptr)malloc(sizeof(MY_STRUCT));

    void function_1(){
    vector<struct_ptr> structPtr_vector;
    printfVector(structPtr_vector); //code not here I got this...

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    Fosr starters, you need to call push_back like this:


    Secondly, what are the prototypes of
    function_2 & printfVector?
    what are the error messages you're getting, if any?
    Finally, malloc doesn't create a real object. It just returns a chunk of raw memory so you can't expect the loadVector function to fill the vector with meaningful data.

    Danny Kalev

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    My Bad, I figured it out. Sometimes I wonder what goes on inside my head...

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