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    Unable to run my application..!! Plz Help..!!

    Hi all,

    I have created a dialog-based project using MFC AppWizard of VC++ 5.0. This project is equipped with the default options checked, with Automation and ActiveX Control options checked too.

    I have compiled it with no warnings and errors but when I pressed the execute button (!), nothing happens. When I press the button located at the bottom left corner of the output window, a button that shows the appearance of the application window, it works fine. :confused: (At this point in time, this application has got no functionality yet!!)

    Now I add a registered ActiveX control called the ImageDevice using the PROJECT|ADD TO PROJECT|COMPONENTS AND CONTROLS menu. I compiled it and I try to run the application again. Nothing happens. So I press the button which i have stated earlier on and this time round, I recieved a runtime error and another error msg claiming that the memory cannot be read. :eek: (plz refer to the attachments) Why is this happening??? The funny thing is: I am following a tutorial from the manual and I am very sure that every steps were followed.

    Guys, I really need your help here. I am currently on a project and I am stuck here for quite a while already. I have tried reinstalling the VC++ 5.0 many times and it seems like I can't run any application that has the automation function checked. Plz give me some advice on how can I solve this problem.

    Thanks a million in advance to all. Looking forward to all replies. :)
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