Excel document upload and save on server

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Thread: Excel document upload and save on server

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    Excel document upload and save on server

    Hi everyone,
    I'm uploading EXCEL attachments from the client and want to put them into a stream and save them into a database table. This, I have covered as there are many postings out there regarding it.

    The problem comes when I retrieve the stream from the database and want to re-assmeble it and save it in one of the server work directories as an excel file (i.e. xls), this way I can open it, read it and use some of the contents as input to a form and display it on the client side.

    I've seen a lot of stuff on how to save it and view it when you pull it out of the database by using The Http Request, however, nothing so far on how I can save it as an .XLS file once I retrieve it from the database.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Romel Evans

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    Which database platform are you working with?
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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