creating a SP

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Thread: creating a SP

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    creating a SP

    hitting a DB everytime on every navigation wont it cause performance issue

    as i fetch data only as per request

    this is the
    @items varchar(5000),
        @status varchar(50),
        @ totalRowsInPage varchar(50),
        @finishedrecords varchar(50),
        @condition varchar(5000)
    -- my  Session["condition"] contain WHERE 1=1 AND
     " SELECT  *  from (select top    " + totalRowsInPage.ToString() + "  *  from
    (select top (" + finishedrecords.ToString() + ")" + Session["items"] + "  from EMPLOYEE
                    order byNAME )
      as T1 order by T1.NAME  DESC) as T2 ";
    order by NAME  ASC
    getting erroe
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    What is the error?
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