I'm trying to use iText to generate pdf output. I've downloaded the iText-1.3.jar file (and documentation). The problem I am having is that NetBeans is saying "Package com.lowagie.text does not exist". It does this for all the imports for iText. It does it in my own code, the tutorials I've downloaded from the iText website and a tutorial that was on Adobe's website.

I'm using Windows XP SP2. The directory structures I have are
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06

The iText-1.3.jar file is in D:\iText. I created a CLASSPATH variable that contains D:\iText\iText-1.3.jar
I have also put a copy of iText-1.3.jar in just about every \lib folder I can find. I downloaded it a second time just in case something was wrong with the initial download. I installed the Eclipse IDE and it too gives the same error.

I'm stumped - anyone have any ideas why iText isn't being seen?

If I double-click on the iText-1.3.jar file it presents a simple application with some examples. Do I have the right file?

Any help would be appreciated,