Are there any matlab experts here?

I would like to send to matlab from C++ an array of strings.

I'm currently using the brute force way of merging it all into one long string and then sending it via eval:

temp = "data3 =["+temp+"]";

There has got to be a better way of doing this.

I tried the following but it didn't work.

// specify 1xN array
int dims[] = {1,sf1.loadCases.size()};
mxArray *data_ml;
char *temparray;
data_ml = mxCreateCharArray(2,dims);

temparray =(char *)mxGetData(data_ml);
// loop over data and copy
for(unsigned i=0; i<sf1.loadCases.size(); i++)
    temparray[i] = sf1.loadCases[i].conditionNumber.c_str();
the compile error was that temparray was char * while the right side was const char *.

I'm thinking that the real source of the error is with the mxGetData command.
The matlab documentation on calling from C++ is severly lacking content.