Problem with simple regular expression

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Thread: Problem with simple regular expression

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    Problem with simple regular expression

    String stringTest="555";
    Pattern p = Pattern.compile("^[0-9]");
    Matcher m=p.matcher(stringTest);

    throw new RuntimeException("FOUND BAD THING");

    I want to throw exception if stringTest has not only numbers, but this code always throws RuntimeException("FOUND BAD THING");

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    Sep 2003
    thanks, i found the solution
    But what is the difference between [^0-9] and ^[0-9] ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by haiaw
    thanks, i found the solution
    But what is the difference between [^0-9] and ^[0-9] ?
    One works and one doesn't. Look at the Pattern class.
    Quote Originally Posted by Patter
    Character classes
    [abc] a, b, or c (simple class)
    [^abc] Any character except a, b, or c (negation)
    [a-zA-Z] a through z or A through Z, inclusive (range)
    [a-d[m-p]] a through d, or m through p: [a-dm-p] (union)
    [a-z&&[def]] d, e, or f (intersection)
    [a-z&&[^bc]] a through z, except for b and c: [ad-z] (subtraction)
    [a-z&&[^m-p]] a through z, and not m through p: [a-lq-z](subtraction)
    There is no ^[abc].

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    particullarly there is a ^[0-9].
    ^ not within squared brackets and at the start of a regex means to match from beginning of input.
    while the regex "abc" matches in "xxabc"
    the regex "^abc" doesn't, since the pattern doesn't appear at the beginning of the input.
    in square brackets ^ means negotiation.

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