How can I know when a program fully loaded?

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Thread: How can I know when a program fully loaded?

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    How can I know when a program fully loaded?

    I am currently working on a Bot that will basically remove viruses and spyware from computers. I want this Bot to open for example SpyBot, Scan, Remove Viruses and then Close. I can open Spybot but I do not know how to make my program know when it fully loaded or complete its job so I can do the next thing. Is there a way to know when a program finished doing something such as finished scanning or finished loading?

    Thanks in advance

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    only if the given programm supports it.
    on the other hand, you could poll the file as long until it becomes readable.
    usually when another programm opens a file, you cannot open it in another application. so if you retry to open the file until you can read it, that means the other programm has finished using that file.
    if you trigger the external programm within your own java code, you also can just wait, until the external programm returns, what means it has finished.

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