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Thread: word count

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    Feb 2006

    word count

    hey i was working on a word count program and i need a little assistance.i cant use a string tokenizer or a set.after i get a string i need to print out the words and show how many times it was typed...like the following

    "Hello there"

    Hello = 1

    There = 1

    Now i want to know how i can separate the lines by spaces and how can i count them?

    Thanx alot
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    Once you have the strings of the words that you want, you can simply put them in a HashMap which maps strings to integers. Example code might look like this:
    Map<String,Integer> freqTable = new HashMap<String,Integer>();
    String word = ...;
    Integer i = freqTable.get(word);
    if( i == null ) {
      freqTable.put(word, 1);
    } else {
      freqTable.put(word, i+1); // line requires autoboxing
    Hope this helps.

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    Cologne - Germany
    the countig given by evlich is really good. to split a sentence into words, use the split method from String class:

    String text = "Hello there";
    String words[] = text.split("\\s");
    for (int i=0; i<words.length; i++){
      System.out.println("word "+i+"="+words[i]);
    the "\\s" in split stands for any whitespace character, eg space, return and tabs. also see javadocs to class Pattern and String.

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