I'm trying to package my jar file with many other jar libraries.

Here's my manifest file.
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Class-Path:  basicplayer2.3.jar jl1.0.jar jorbis-0.0.15.jar jrendezvou
 s-patched.jar jspeex0.9.3.jar mp3spi1.9.4.jar rendezvous-1.0.jar trit
 onus_share.jar vorbisspi1.0.2.jar
Main-Class: cca.ccamp.Test
Now the program runs for me. If I just double-click the app, nothing happens. If I right-click to "open with" "javaw", then it'll run fine. I've been trying to have friends run it on their PCs with no luck. They say it doesn't do anything.

Any ideas?