Hi there
I am a Java newbie so if you want to ignore me with reviled distaste that is ok

I am just looking for some advice:

I want to create a program that checks a .txt file entered at the first line by the user (command line?) against a particular string of letters (sequence?).

I have decided to separate my program into a few stages:
1. Welcome and ask for File to be searched
If not in same directory, program terminates asking to check whether file is in same directory.
If in same directory, move onto stage 2
2. Read file to make sure that there are just letters (i.e no numbers)
If there are numbers, program terminates asking for numbers to be removed from .txt file.
If there are no numbers, program continues to stage 3
3. Read file to make sure there are no spaces. If spaces exist then join them.
4. If letters are in small then capitalise them.
5. If I wanted to find a word all the words beginning with a and ending with z in the text then I coul also use a*z

I will post updates to let you know how I am doing
If anyone can help. Thanks