Problem accessing DB2 from Universal Driver

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Thread: Problem accessing DB2 from Universal Driver

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    Exclamation Problem accessing DB2 from Universal Driver

    In our application we use DB2 v 7 for z/os. We are using CLI based driver for accessing our data by using DB2 COBOL SPs.

    We are migrating from CLI based version to Universal JDBC Driver and using Websphere App Server 6.0.

    We are getting the errors like following while we fire SPs that have date, int or decimal or NULL parameters... THE VALUE OF INPUT HOST VARIABLE OR PARAMETER NUMBER 010 CANNOT BE USED AS SPECIFIED BECAUSE OF ITS DATA TYPE

    The code looks something like this...
    if (startDate != null)
    callableStatement.setDate(++i, new java.sql.Date(startDate.getTime()));
    callableStatement.setDate(++i, null); //START-DA

    if (standardAgmNo == null)
    callableStatement.setNull(++i, Types.INTEGER); //AGM-NO
    callableStatement.setInt(++i, standardAgmNo.intValue());

    The same code has been working fine when we use CLI Driver and in production since last 3 years.

    This is the version info for driver...
    JDBC driver name : IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture
    JDBC driver version : 2.7.58
    JDBC driver type : 4

    Can you kindly help us resolving this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dear Vikas,

    I'm also facing the same problem ...if u got the result then please let me know as soon as possible.....

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    I think I have run into this. It might be because the db fields is a Date and Java doesn't have a date like DB2. It really is like a Timestamp. Try zeroing out the time attributes. Oh, and you should be using Calendar.

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    Thumbs up Solution

    Hi all,

    i found the solution by changing my code
    callableStatement.setDate(++i, new java.sql.Date(startDate.getTime()));
    callableStatement.setString(++i, new java.sql.Date(startDate.getTime()).toString);

    and DB2 works well with this

    With Regards

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