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    Feb 2006

    Problem declaring 'string' variables on Mac OSX

    Hey, has anyone got any idea why SubEthaEdit won't recognise string variable on a Mac (OSX)? It's driving me completely crazy! I've done the usual #include <string> bit at the top of the program but it just doesn't like it. I'm pretty new to this game so be kind!!

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    Nov 2003
    I've no experience in Mac OSX but I do know that Mac has always been notoriously incomplaint with the standards. Anyway, try to make sure that your source file has a .cpp or .cxx extension, and that you're using std::string to refer to the string object (it's an object, btw, not a variable). Also, make sure that your IDE is configured properly i.e., it knows where to find the standard headers.
    Danny Kalev

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    Feb 2006
    cheers Danny, that fixed the problem (was thinkin it was a variable not an object).

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