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    MySQL???? <10061>

    Hi. I'm sorry if this is not in the right category, but I usually post here anyways.

    Does anyone know what the Error 2003 is? How can i fix it? I have My SQL 5.0 and Win XP.

    When I originally installed it, it placed under program files, but I manually shifted if over to a C:\MySQL . Could that be the reason? What is my.ini?


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    The error occurs because you cannot login to the database space - doesn't know where to find it - there may have been a "localhost" reference in the error message, too?

    DId you set up mySQL to be run as a service? If so, open your "Services" under Administration Tools and look down the list for mySQL - is it active? Probably not because it doesn't know where to run it from. Right-click on MySQL, open the properties, modify the "path to executable". Then try to start it.

    If you were running as "manual" there are some other places to look.
    Here are some other fixes that others worked out - because of your description, the modification of the .ini file sounds best for you.

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