need some help in a program

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Thread: need some help in a program

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    Feb 2006

    need some help in a program

    hi, i need some help in a program which has to be in C++ languge: the program is to draw a pyramid of stats (*), only the front of it that the user will input the number of lines of the stars. how do i wright the sentix of such a program!!!

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    Feb 2006
    This is an optional solution:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	int row;
    	int startrow;
    	int num;
    	int counter;
    	cout << "Give the number of rows of the pyramid:" << endl;
        cin >> row;
    	counter = 1;
        for(startrow = row; row>0;--row)
    		//Drawing blancs
    			cout << " " ;
    		//Drawing stars
    		for(num=(counter*2)-1; num > 0;num--)
    			cout << "*";
    		cout << endl;		
    	return 0;
    Hope this helps.


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