I am using the code below to generate a map using MapPoint in my VB6 (SP6) app. Works fine till I hit an address it can not find line one with a PO BOX. Problem is I can not check every possible combination. Is there a way to trap the results of the findaddress so I do not fall thru the code which fails?

If SavSLCust_ShipToAddress1 <> "" And _
SavSLCust_ShipToCity <> "" And _
SavSLCust_ShipToState <> "" Then
FindPOBox = InStr(1, SavSLCust_ShipToAddress1, "PO BOX", vbTextCompare)
FindP_OBox = InStr(1, SavSLCust_ShipToAddress1, "P O BOX", vbTextCompare)
FindPOPeriodBox = InStr(1, SavSLCust_ShipToAddress1, "P.O. BOX", vbTextCompare)
FindPOPeriod2Box = InStr(1, SavSLCust_ShipToAddress1, "P.O.BOX", vbTextCompare)
If FindPOBox = 0 And _
FindP_OBox = 0 And _
FindPOPeriodBox = 0 And _
FindPOPeriodBox2 = 0 Then
Set objGenETktMap = SMARTLynxGenerateETicket.GenerateETicketMap.NewMap(geoMapNorthAmerica)
Set objGenETktLoc = objGenETktMap.FindAddressResults( _
SavSLCust_ShipToAddress1, SavSLCust_ShipToCity, , SavSLCust_ShipToState)(1)
Set objGenETktPin = objGenETktMap.AddPushpin(objGenETktLoc, SavSLCust_ShipToAddress1)