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Thread: AutoFill forms

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    Feb 2006

    AutoFill forms

    Is there any way to create a program to automatically fill in forms on a web page?
    As in scan pages in a site for forms, then automatically enter name, address, etc, then automatically enter "submit" code without me having to do it manually?

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    Portland, OR
    Yes, it can be done, but I would use one of the many programs that already exists rather than "reinvent the wheel." Google's and Microsoft's browser toolbars, for example, include this feature. If you use Mozilla Firefox, there are numerous free plugins that provide autofill functionality.
    Phil Weber

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    Feb 2006
    Thanks for your reply.

    My understanding is that you still have to go to each page and click on the autofill feature. Am I right?
    I was thinking more of setting it going and it would visit each page and autosubmit itself!

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