Hi Guys,

I suppose we are able to fix the initial directory where the Open Dialog will start when we try to load a doc.

However, for my application I cant seem to fix it. This is what happens:

When i clicked on the Load command button, the Open dialog opens up. Lets say my .InitDir = "C:\Saved Bad Images" and so the Open dialog starts from this particular "C" Drive and "Saved Bad Images" folder.

After which I decided to load a file from another directory say "C:\Saved Good Images" and it manages to load it successfully.

The problem comes:
When i try to load another doc again by clicking the same Load command button, instead of starting from the .InitDir = "C:\Saved Bad Images", it starts from the last folder ("C:\Saved Good Images") where I have just successfully loaded my last doc. Why is this happening? is it because of my coding? or is it that i have to clear any buffer or whatsoever so that this does not happen?

Guys, please help me with this...thanks a million in advance