The compilers always look in the CORPATH environment variable, so you don't
need to use a full path. Change the reference to
/reference:System.WinForms.dll and it'll work.


"Oren Hollander" <> wrote in message
> I just downloaded the .NET SDK from MS (didn't attend the PDC, so I don't
> have the VS.NET (yet...)).
> I tried the samples under the .../IntroDev/CompTest and every thing went

> except for the WinForms sample.
> The System.WinForms.DLL was installed on:
> C:\WINNT\ComPlus\v2000.14.1812\System.WinForms.DLL-ZAP-8F
> while this was in the build.bat file:
> vbc ClientWinForms.vb
> /reference:\winnt\complus\v2000.14.1805\System.WinForms.dll ...
> I assumed the difference is in the version - maybe the PDC version and the
> MSDN version are different?
> Anyway, I changed it and it worked.
> Now for my question - I tried to translate the program to C# and it didn't
> compile, complaining several errors like this:

> l: error CS0011: Referenced class 'System.WinForms.Control' has unknown

> class or interface 'System.ComponentModel.MarshalByRefComponent'
> Does anyone knows what is wrong or why it works with VB and not with C#?