Distributing files within J2EE servlet .war archives

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Thread: Distributing files within J2EE servlet .war archives

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    Distributing files within J2EE servlet .war archives


    i have a question about J2EE. I try to add some files to a war archive, but i can't access them from within my browser.

    I use Tomcat 5.5.15, and have mapped the URL /HelloServlet to my servlet, but i can't access for instance /HelloServlet/test.txt.
    It seems everything after the /HelloServlet is ignored. The file i want to access is in the root of the .war archive, but putting it in /WEB-INF doesn't help either.

    I use Netbeans IDE 5.0 as editor for my source files.

    I hope someone can provide some help to point me to the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,


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    That depends on how this HelloServlet has a mapping URL defined.
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