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Thread: Handling events

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    Feb 2006

    Handling events

    what is the code for clearing the list in java Applet programming using ItemListener method?

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    Mar 2004
    ummm, what?

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    Feb 2006
    well see,in a program i have taken two combo box,one is for Country and another is for cities of the respective country.lets say for India i have taken four cities.while i m choosing India the four cities are automatically getting displayed as i have used ItemListener method but as many times i m selecting India the cities are getting added.can you please tell me why is it happening so?means i need to give a command for clearing the list in the combobox.if you need i will post the codes.
    respond me please

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    Feb 2006

    so the problem is when you select India on country box, you see cities getting populated; but if u select India once more you see the city list getting Appened to the list again?

    and please post the code that wud be helpful

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    Mar 2004
    How are you storing the list data for the comboBox? If you're using a Vector, you can call Vector.clear() then add your cities to it. Then I believe calling JComboBox.validate() will update the display with the new values.

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