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    Feb 2006

    New to Java Need help with constructors

    Someone let me know where im going wrong. I need basic examples please .

    Heres my code.

    public class Grades
    String ssn;
    String name;
    String grade;

    Grades(String s, String n, String g)
    ssn = s;
    name = n;
    grade = g;

    class Student{
    public static void main(String args[])
    Grades John = new Grades(351-63-2182, John, A);
    Grades Kris = new Grades(432-35-2562, Kris, B);

    System.out.println(John + " " + Kris);

    When i attempt to compile this code i get an error. Any help possible would be much appreciated.


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    Dec 2005
    New Jersey
    Your constructor accepts three Strings. You're passing in 351-63-2182, John, A. You probably mean to pass in "351-63-2182", "John", "A".

    Also, note that when printing objects (when you do System.out.println(John + " " + Chris);) it will convert them to Strings using their toString() method. Since you have not overrid the toString() method, it will use the toString() method from the object class, which prints memory.

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