Hi all,
I am developing a telephony application. The application is as follows:
For example in US,Germany they have 0800 prefix numbers,like that we have a number say (for example 01002), so if a user calls this number added with the destination number say (01002009198422xxxx)then it reaches our server and in the server i will seperate the 01002 number and then add the cheapest telephone provider from my database like (010012,01025..) depending upon the day and time, so that the final destination number looks something like 01026009198422xxxx. With this number the call should be placed.
Now the problem is i dont know which APIs should be used. I thought of using Java Telephony API (JTAPI) or JAIN SLEE.

Now for example 100 users call the server at a time which API is suitable.
Pls explain me how my application can be implemented.
Pls also explain me what server should also be used.

Thanx in advace