Adding a Web Reference at runtime

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Thread: Adding a Web Reference at runtime

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    Adding a Web Reference at runtime

    I want to call a web service from a Windows Service app, but I want the webreferences to be configurable via a configuration UI. The goal here is to allow the user to configure the webservice calls and to do so without having to add it to the project and recompile. Does anyone know how to do this?

    I would greatly appreciate any help, suggestions, or links to samples. I have been digging through search engines the last couple of days with out any luck. I'm hoping someone else may have ran into this before.


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    When you add a Web reference in Visual Studio, it runs a .NET SDK utility called wsdl.exe to generate a proxy class. You can view this generated code; it's a file named Reference.cs under the Web References subdirectory in your project folder.

    I know of no way to generate and compile a Web proxy class at runtime. Instead, you may use the System.Net.WebRequest class to call the Web service directly, without using a proxy class. See for more information.
    Phil Weber

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