Hello Frds!!!

I am using this code to save the attachment into txt. the attachment is a outlook mail itself. The attachment getting saved is not in proper format. Some Ascii values for the header of mail. As a result of that the EOF is encountered in the starting only.

Kindly help me to Save the Attachment into Txt. Remember the attachment is a outlook mail.

For Each Atmt In Itm.Attachments
If (temp = 0) Then
Exit For
End If
atmtcount = atmtcount + 1
Itm.Attachments(atmtcount).SaveAsFile "C:\Attach\1.txt")
alltext = ""
Open "C:\Attach\1.txt" For Input As #1
While Not EOF(1)
Line Input #1, temp
alltext = alltext & temp & " "

Next Atmt

Thanks in advance!