You still have some missing references. Adding a reference to System.Dll and
Microsoft.Win32.Interop.Dll should fix the problems you see here. WinDes
uses a pretty complete list of references when it compiles. It's quite
unlikely that you'll need all of them, but I don't think there's any harm in
adding them.


Also, the following site has some utilities that might help in this regard:

Hope that helps.


"Ran Kornfeld" <> wrote in message
> Hello
> I am tring to compile the simple Hello World winforms version but I get

> following error:
> error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'WinForms' does not exist in the
> class or namespace 'System'
> When I put a "/r:System.WinForms.dll" as a compiler parameter I get others
> strange errors as:
> System.WinForms.dll: error CS0011: Referenced class
> 'System.WinForms.Control' has unknown
> base class or interface 'System.ComponentModel.MarshalByRefComponent'
> and
> System.WinForms.dll: error CS0011: Referenced class
> 'System.WinForms.RichControl' has unk
> nown base class or interface 'Microsoft.Win32.Interop.IOleControl'
> What is the problem?
> --
> Ran kornfeld