How To: Launch a MDI Form from Module in VB.NET 2003

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Thread: How To: Launch a MDI Form from Module in VB.NET 2003

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    How To: Launch a MDI Form from Module in VB.NET 2003

    I've set my forms IsMDIContainer property to True but forms icon in Solution Explorer still shows non-MDI icon.

    Form will only launch with mdiForm.Showdialog(), Crashes with mdiForm.Show

    I'm trying to launch the mdiform from within Sub Main() in Module1

    Any suggestions?
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    I have tested about your problem in my machine.
    Yeah. The MDI doesn't shown when the application is running.
    If you want to show MDI from Sub Main, you need to write this code.

    Module Module1
    Public Sub Main()
    Dim objMDI As New frmMain
    Call Application.Run(objMDI)
    End Sub
    End Module
    Hope it solve your problem.
    Please let us know your result.
    Good Luck..
    Best Regards,
    Michael Sync

    The more you share,The more you get

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