whats & means in VB??

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Thread: whats & means in VB??

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    whats & means in VB??

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question here...it may be simple to some but is bothering me...

    whats the function of & in VB? some times I see assignment statements like x& = .....

    In graphics programming, whenever we need to get the RGB value, we use &H100& and &H10000<---for this case, how come there is no & at the end of the hexa, just like &H100&?? In RGB case, &H i believe it means Hexa right? what about binary?

    Thanks alot for your time guys...

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    The & after a variable declares the variable a long, after a number "forces" the type of the number to be Long

    That is:
    dim i&          ''is the equivalent of "dim i as long"
    i = &hFFFF    '' &hFFFF is a short (because the default is Integer), so i = -1
    i = &hFFFF&  '' &hFFFF& is a long, so i = 65535
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    The '&' character is also used to concatenate things in VB.

    For example:

    Dim a As String
    Dim b As String

    a = "This is "
    b = "an example."

    Label1.Caption = a & b

    The caption on the label would be: This is an example.

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