print a label with fields that user can choose

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Thread: print a label with fields that user can choose

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    Cool print a label with fields that user can choose

    Hello everybody!
    I'm new here and i really need some help,pls!
    I need to print a label with text fields which are choosed by the user from a checkedlistbox.

    ok,thx boys for ur help,BUT...let me tell u again:
    label=etichette,like the ones in the hypermarket witch are posted on products(u price,name of the product,etc)...this is what i meat by "label".
    i print it on A4,and the user gives the dimensions of the etichette(height and width).I use GDI+ to draw the etichette but i really dont know how to put the text on it.
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    I'm not sure this is what you want, but what you can do is if for example you have 3 items in checkbox list bo, drop set of labels in your form e.g 3,

    e.g Items in CheckBoxList
    0 Bread
    1 Egg
    2 Beacon

    Perform a Switch Statement
    Switch(CheckBoxList .SelectedItemIndex)
    Case 0:
    Label.Text = CheckBoxList.SelectedValue;
    Case 1:
    Label.Text = CheckBoxList.SelectedValue;


    Hope it will help

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    Do you mean "print a label" from a printer or onto a form face?

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    Feb 2006
    This should give you a start: loop through your listbox, if selected => msgbox. You can replace the msgbox by your printing code.

    Dim intIndex            As Integer
        For intIndex = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1
            'After then you should write your printing-code
            If List1.Selected(intIndex) Then MsgBox List1.List(intIndex)

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