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    Mar 2006

    Password Applet Question

    I'm using a java applets that I got from http://javaboutique.internet.com/password/
    (see below).

    It's working fine....but I can't remember exactly how I set it up.

    I remember that I uploaded "password.class" to my web server, along with the password-protected webpage. I remember that I can change the password by renaming the password-protected web page.

    So, what is it that connects password.class to the protected page?

    I feel so silly, because in case I want to put a password elsewhere on my site, I can't remember how I originally set it up. The installation instructions are no longer posted at javaboutique.

    Can anyone enlighten me?



    What password.java does is to take your password, which, if correct,
    sends you to the protected page. An incorrect password takes you to
    password2.html, which is the "wrong password" page.

    How To Use:

    a.. Place password.class within your HTML directory.
    a.. Have two html files for correct and incorrect password entries.

    Java Source: /password/source.html

    HTML Source:

    <applet code="password.class" width=490 height=32>
    <param name=root value="http://javaboutique.internet.com/password/">
    <param name=wrong value="http://javaboutique.internet.com/password/password2.html">
    <param name=bgcolor value="ffffff">
    <param name=fgcolor value="000000">
    <param name=textfield value="40">
    <param name=button value="ENTER">
    <param name=font_size value="12">
    <param name=font_face value="Courier">
    <param name=title value="Web Deve________">

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    Mar 2006

    Password Applet Question

    Problem solved! The answer was right in front of my eyes. When I moved the page with the password over to the other hosted domain, I forgot to change the html code to reflect it's new location in the root file of the new domain. Once I adjusted that, it works perfectly. Now I see how simple it is. When one types
    in the password, it looks for an html file in the root directory with that same

    Gee, now I really feel dumb.


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