I am trying to create a Shuffle board game, i seem to have problem aligning the circles, could some one please see the code and help me.

This is the main class

import java.util.Vector;
import java.util.Enumeration;
import java.util.Random;
import java.math.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.io.*;

public class ShuffleBoardApplication extends JFrame {
     private ShuffleBoardPanel table; //billiard table panel
	  public ShuffleBoardApplication (String title) {
         table = new ShuffleBoardPanel(this);                              
         setLayout(new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.CENTER, 0, 0));                              
         add(table); //add the whole table view
    public void update() {              

	   repaint(); //repaint the window


	public static void main(String args[]) {
		ShuffleBoardApplication frame =  new ShuffleBoardApplication("Off Da Bank");
		frame.setVisible(true); //show the frame
this is the helper classes


import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Vector;
import java.util.Random;
import java.math.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.io.*;

// This class represents the view Billiard Table
public class ShuffleBoardPanel extends JPanel implements ActionListener{

	    public static int TableWidth = 300; //table view width in pixels
        public static int TableHeight = 500;  //table view length in pixels
        private int OwnerWidth;  //width of the owner frame
        private int OwnerHeight; //height of the owner frame
        public static int Border = TableWidth/10; //Width of table border
        //banks which account for ball radius
        private int leftWall = Border + weight.RADIUS;
        private int top = Border + weight.RADIUS;
        private int rightWall = TableWidth + Border - weight.RADIUS;
        private int bottom = TableHeight + Border - weight.RADIUS;

        private weight selectedBall = null; //weight being shot
        private Point cueTip = null; //tip of the shooting cue
        private Point cueEnd = null; //end of the shooting cue
        private ArrayList<weight> Weights = new ArrayList<weight>(); //the game Weights
        private ArrayList<weight> DeadBalls = new ArrayList<weight>(); //the balls in the pockets

        public static ArrayList<Point> pockets = new ArrayList<Point>(); //locations of table pockets
        private JFrame owner;

       // private CollisionSet collisions = new CollisionSet();
        //Timer used to draw motion
        int milliseconds = 2; //time between timer events
        Timer timer = new Timer(milliseconds, this); 

	    public ShuffleBoardPanel (JFrame parent) {
                owner = parent; //The frame the panel lives in

	private void setTableSize(){
		 	    OwnerWidth = owner.getWidth() ; //table view width in pixels
                OwnerHeight = owner.getHeight();  //table view length in pixels
                Border = OwnerWidth/10; //Width of table border
                TableWidth = OwnerWidth - 2*Border; //width of table not including border
                TableHeight = OwnerHeight - 2*Border -30; //height of table not including border
                leftWall = Border + weight.RADIUS;
                top = Border + weight.RADIUS;
                rightWall = TableWidth + Border - weight.RADIUS;
                bottom = TableHeight + Border - weight.RADIUS;
                //Border = TableWidth/10; 
                setSize(TableWidth + 2*Border, TableHeight + 2*Border);
                setPreferredSize(new Dimension(TableWidth+2*Border,TableHeight+2*Border  ) );

       public void initialize(){
       //initialize the game based on the size of the table
                weight.RADIUS = TableWidth/20;
                //Create some balls on the billiard table
                int startX = TableWidth/2 + Border; //constants for setting up initial ball position
                int startY = TableHeight/3;
                int dX = weight.RADIUS;
                int dY = 2*dX;

                Weights.add(new weight(new Point(startX,startY), Color.gray));
                Weights.add(new weight(new Point(startX-dX, startY-dY), Color.gray));
                Weights.add(new weight(new Point(startX+dX, startY-dY), Color.gray));
                Weights.add(new weight(new Point(startX, startY-2*dY), Color.gray));
       	} //end initialize
       public void update() {
       //update the panels

	// Return the weight at the given location (if one exists)

     // This is the Timer event handler 
     // Advance any Weights that are currently in motion
     public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {


    // This is the method that is responsible for painting table and Weights
    public void paintComponent(Graphics aPen) {
        if( (OwnerWidth != owner.getWidth()) || 
            (OwnerHeight != owner.getHeight() ) ) {
            	//table has resized
         //draw the billard table
         //Draw boundary
         aPen.setColor(Color.black.darker().darker().darker  ().darker());
         aPen.drawRect(Border,Border, TableWidth, TableHeight); 
         aPen.drawRect(Border,Border, TableWidth, 50); 
         aPen.drawRect(Border,Border, TableWidth, 90);           

         //Draw Weights
         for (int i = 0; i<Weights.size(); i++)
                weight st = Weights.get(i);


this is the one that created the weights

import java.util.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.io.*;

//This class represents a Billiard weight.
public class weight {
//           ====
	// Here is a class variable to keep track of the radius of the Balls
	public static int	RADIUS = ShuffleBoardPanel.TableWidth/20; //radius of ball

	// These are the instance variables
    private Color color; //colour of the weight center
    boolean moving = false; //indicates if weight is moving or stopped
    private double x; //X location of the ball
    private double y; //Y location of the ball
    private Point  location = new Point(0,0); //x-y location of the weight
    //Horizontal and Vertical Velocities
    //vx<0 means left, vx>0 means right; vy<0 means up, vy>0 means down 
    private double vx; //horizontal velocity in pixels/millisecond
    private double vy; //vertical velocity in pixels/millisecond

	public weight(Point aPoint, Color ballColor) {
        color = ballColor;
		location = aPoint;
		x = location.getX();
		y = location.getY();
		//make the ball stopped
        vx = 0.0;
        vy = 0.0;
        moving = false;


	// The get & set methods
	public Color getColour() { return color; }
	public Point getLocation() { return location; }
	public int getLocationX() {return location.x;}
	public int getLocationY() {return location.y;}
    public int getRadius() { return weight.RADIUS; }
	public void setLocation(Point aPoint) { 
	     location.x = aPoint.x;
	     location.y = aPoint.y;
	      x = aPoint.getX(); y = aPoint.getY(); }
    public void setLocation(int theX, int theY) { 
        location.x = theX;
        location.y = theY;
        x = location.getX(); 
        y = location.getY();
    public void setMoving(boolean isMoving) { moving = isMoving; }
    public boolean isMoving() {return moving; } //answer whether ball is moving
    //get and set the velocities of the ball
    public double getvx() {return vx;} //get horizontal velocity
    public double getvy() {return vy;} //get vertical velocity
    public void setvx( double v ) {vx = v; moving = ((vx != 0.0) || (vy != 0.0)); }
    public void setvy( double v ) {vy = v; moving = ((vx != 0.0) || (vy != 0.0));}
    public void stop() { vx=0; vy = 0; moving = false; }

	// Draw the ball using the given Graphics object
	public void drawWith(Graphics aPen) {
		//Draw the colored center of weight
		aPen.fillOval(location.x - weight.RADIUS, location.y - weight.RADIUS, weight.RADIUS * 2, weight.RADIUS * 2);
		aPen.fillOval(location.x - RADIUS, location.y - RADIUS, weight.RADIUS, weight.RADIUS);
    // Draw a black border around the weight
    aPen.drawOval(location.x - weight.RADIUS, location.y - weight.RADIUS, weight.RADIUS * 2, weight.RADIUS * 2);

		// Draw the ball using the given Graphics object
	public void drawShadowWith(Graphics aPen) {