I am trying to tag the text sentences using the following method:

1. Convert a string into Tokens:
StringTokenizer firstSentTokenizer = new StringTokenizer(firstSent,"-.,\" ",true);

2. Add the tokens into a vector.
tokenVector.addElement(firstSentTokenizer.nextToke n());

3. Create the list of tokens:
List listOffSentTokens = tokenVector.subList(0,tokenVector.size());

4. Tag the sentences(for eg: noun, verb, proverb etc.):
String[] taggedTokens = tag.tag(listOffSentTokens);
{this method tag is from other package and it is the method described as follows, public String[] tag(List tokenList); http://www.english.bham.ac.uk/staff/omason/software/qtag-api.html}

Now I have each token of the sentence tagged, what I want to do is access only those elements in the vector(i.e., tokenVector) which I am interested in. and ignore others. How can I do that? Any Help... please.