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    Somethin' 'bout Linked List in Java

    i have an assignment which i wanna ask someone to be able to help me.Thanks beforehand.

    Question1: Define a class called ParkingNode that has the following properties:
    -CarPlateno of String type
    -Hours of parking
    -Parking rate per hour depends on seasonal or not type of car
    -Status which will indicate whether the car belongs to seasonal parking or not
    -Next pointer which referencing to the next car in the list
    -Include appropriate accessors, mutators and constructor(s) as well as a method to change the carís information.
    -Include a method DisplayStatus to display Season parking status for car owner with status of 'S' otherwise display Daily rate parking

    Question2: Define a class called Constructions that has the following properties:
    -A reference to the first ParkingNode called start.
    -Include an appropriate constructor that will initialize the start member to null. (i.e this means parking with currently no cars available).
    -Include a method that will allow a new car information to be included into the system.
    -Include a method to search for a car parking information.
    -Include a method to increase the seasonal parking rate by 10%
    -Include a method to display all car details that are currently still parking.
    -Include a method to find the total rental cost for all the cars belongs to seasonal parking status.
    -Include a method to find the maximum total rental cost paid on the parking.
    -Include one more method that either involved calculation, or data manipulation.

    Question3: Define a main menu program that will allow all the parking information to be manipulated.

    *Take Note: - No need GUI
    - Use the singly Linked list, don't use the pre-define Java.util.LinkedList class
    - no static structure data structures such as Object arrays should be used


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    This assignment seems pretty straight-forward, is there a particular part that you are stuck on?

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