I'm a beginner at VB6.
I have a block of text that I want to find a certain word in and then highlight the word. I can get the text to be found by using an inputbox; user would type in the text to be found. I think the following code would then be used to highlight the found text:

I'm not quite sure how to use the instr() function. I know it is probably the function to use to find certain text within a block of text, but everytime I try to use the instr() function I get an error message. Can someone show me where I could find the code to: FIND TEXT WITHIN A BLOCK OF TEXT AND THEN HIGHLIGHT THE FOUND TEXT. If I could see the code I would begin to understand how to use the instr() function.

I'd be very apprciative if someone could help!
Thanks in advance to whomever may offer some advice.