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    Post a bit of help needed

    hello people

    I am trying to create a java applet that loads a specific file and with the use of a combo box and a text field we can add staff in it.

    Up until now I have created the Gui and the commands for the open button but have you got any example that can help with the combo box and the text field?

    thank you in advance

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    Aug 2003
    I'm a little confused by exactly what you are trying to do. Do you want to load the file after the element in the combo box is selected? That seems logical, you should be able to add a handler for when the selection changes, here's a tutorial about using Combo boxes: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutor...html#listeners
    As far as the text field, I would assume that you would want to try to load the file when the user hits ENTER or the textfield loses focus. You can do the focus one with a focus listener. As far as listening for ENTER, check out the KeyListener class.

    Hope this helps.

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