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You are asked to set up a “Pizza Express” service on the Web, by producing an applet in a Web page, which can give customers the price of various pizzas.

In this applet, a customer can select one from four pizza type options. The applet should then allow the selection of toppings, out of five possible toppings options, for the pizza selected. The options selected could have any combination from the five possible toppings options, or no toppings at all. Finally, the applet should inform the customer the total price of the pizza chosen.


A1. Write Java applet code that will put together in one applet four radio buttons, which can
be used for up to four pizza type options in the “Pizza Express” service applet (e.g. “Four Seasons”, “Mighty Meaty”, etc) and five check boxes, which can be used for up to five different topping options (e.g. “pineapple”, “cheese”, etc) for any pizza option selected. Also include in the above applet a text field which can be used to output the total price in
sterling for a particular pizza chosen.

A2. Write a second Java applet code to create two panels; one panel to contain the radio
buttons and the other panel to contain the check boxes and the text field as
produced in section A1 above.

A3. Write a third Java code to add two scrollbars and a border layout to the applet you
produced in section A1 above. The scrollbars should be used to control some feature of
the display.

A4. Write a fourth Java code to convert the program in section A1 above to a client/server application, where the client requests a pizza option and the toppings for it, whereas the
server returns the total price for the client’s request.

A5. Write an improved version of section A4 above using Swing and
threads in a way you consider appropriate.