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    Passing Arrays in COM

    Need help with passing a BYTE array in COM.

    I think i have done it right but i only get the first byte passed.

    Here is the idl:

    interface ICOMtestObject : IUnknown
    [id(1), helpstring("method GetData")] HRESULT GetData([out]ULONG *sz,[out,size_is(,*sz)]BYTE **data);

    Here is the implementation in the COM server:

    STDMETHODIMP CCOMtestObject::GetData(ULONG *sz, BYTE **data)
    // TODO: Add your implementation code here

    *data = (BYTE*)CoTaskMemAlloc( 5 * sizeof( BYTE));

    return S_OK;

    Here is the implementation in the client:

    HRESULT hr = m_objPtr.CoCreateInstance(L"Comtest.COMtestObject.1");

    ULONG sz;BYTE *data;
    hr = m_objPtr->GetData(&sz,&data);

    The data array includes only the first byte.

    Please help me with this one.
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