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    Advice needed for data sorting and filtering

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums here, and I've come to ask for a bit of help. My apologies if this has been covered here before, I had a look around to check, but I wasn't really sure what keywords to search for, so I may have missed a thread. Anyhow, this is what I'm needing advice with:

    I am working on a fan site for the Donkey Kong Country TV show, and am creating a pictorial list of items, events and places which appear in the show. I have the visual layout complete, and am happy with it for now. Here is a pic which links to it:

    This 'encyclopedia' project of mine is basically a series of entries which each have a name, image, description, category and which episode they are from. What I'm hoping to do is have links/buttons available to allow users to sort these entries based on their various properties (by name, alphabetically, by order of appearance in the show, etc), and also to show only ones with certain properties (such as only showing items of a certain type, from a certain episode, etc). Download.com features pretty much exactly the sorting and filtering functions I'm looking for. Example image/link:

    Is there a good way for me to implement this functionality? Currently I'm just handcrafting this page in Notepad/HTML. Do I need to set up a server-side database system, or is there software available for me to enter the data into which will pre-sort and/or pre-filter it, and export formatted HTML pages for me to then create links for and upload?

    Any advise is very much appreciated, and I hope I made sense...

    Edit: After some exhaustive trawling through Google, I turned up a technique which maybe a good solution for my needs. Tabular Data Control (TDC) appears to do just what I was hoping for. If anyone is interested, this is where I found a very helpful tutorial on TDC - http://www.javascriptkit.com/javatutors/tdc.shtml

    Hopefully this will work well, but if anyone has a better/alternative suggestion, I'm all ears! Thanks.
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