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    Updating Access db from ASP.NET2 server control

    I'm new to web development and am trying to update an Access 2000 database (mdb file) from ASP.NET2 code using a SqlDataSource server control. I can view and filter the data in the bound GridView server control and can insert records using the DetailsView server control. However, I cannot update existing ones with DetailsView. No exception is thrown in the DetailsView1_ItemUpdated handler and no error message appears. - The AffectedRows property is 0.

    I understand the dot net framework uses a fallback data provider for Access databases, namely OLE DB (4.0), which I state in the web.config file. I am now wondering if there's a limitation using this data provider. I have disabled anonymous access and enabled Windows Integrated Windows authentication in web.config. So I assumed the impersonated identity would give the ASP.NET2 process sufficient permissions to update a database resource. - I log in to Windows as an administrator account. The mdb has both read and write attributes set.
    My web server is IIS 5.1 (I'm working offline) and the op system is XP Pro. I've created a virtual folder for the web app in Internet Information Services' wwwroot etc.

    I would appreciate any help.


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    Jet OLEDB is not the fallback provider for an Access database. It is the only provider that you should be using (with the .NET OLEDB namespaces).

    The SQL namespaces were designed for SQL Server.
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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