We are in the process of selecting tools and developing plans to convert our applications to java. - Here are our goals:
1) Preserve UI as much as is possible
2) Preserve staff knowledge of software components' functions
3) Convert data from C-Tree ISAM and text files to SQL Database
4) Convert cgi based dynamicXport w/dL4 code to application server w/java
5) Be able to handle up to 250 concurrent users with up to 40 schema's of 40+ tables per schema
6) Maintain ability to run server and/or client on Windows, Linux and OS/X

I am not comfortable with the vocabulary and need a bit of help...
For the first conversion I believe that the fastest method will be to convert the dl4 code to java code program by program. I believe this is known as "static java" vs. building java class objects, beans, etc.

Once this phase is completed, we plan to create a class oriented design for the system and move to software components that are more layered and de-coupled.

Is the "static java" approach one that can be made to work?
Which tools would work (or could be made to work) in the "static java" environment for that number of concurrent users?

Thanks for any help you can provide,
Larry Irwin