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Thread: working with text file in web

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    Lightbulb working with text file in web

    i want to create a dynamic web page in a specific folder through writing using i/o package and then we write the hyperlink of that page using i/o package in .js file.Then problem is that we give the physical path of the .js file but in web we can not do this i want how to give the logical path of the .js file
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    It might be very beneficial to get the root directory of the web-server. This way, you can basically just knock off this part of the file names and use an absolute path on the webserver. If you wanted it to be relative, I think you would need to StringTokenize it and look for the common part of the path and generate a relative path based on that. This isn't really hard, but I think that knowing the root directory of the webserver would be useful for a lot of other things as well, so I think that the first solution would be the way to go.

    Hope this helps.

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    i am not getting ur point
    in file handling it require the absolutepath like "c:\tomcat\root"
    but in the web how can i get the path in the web as our website is uploaded in wb server in web

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