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    Mar 2006

    New to java needing some advice and help

    Hi everyone.
    I'm very new to java and i'm wanting to learn how to create aplications and programs with java, i especially would like to have a dabble eventually at creating games using java.
    I have alot of time on my hands and i'm willing to dedicate as much as needed to learning java but i'm not really sure where to start.
    I learn best with hands on things, where i am actually doing rather than just reading and remembering.
    I've had a go at the hello world thing and that all worked out pretty well, but now i'm stuck on where to go form there.
    I would like to learn mostly about the game side of it all and i've also wondered if there is some kind of program where you can create soemthing in one side of it and the java code appears in the other side, or something like frontpage principles where you an put things into it drag and drop them around but then also be able to change the html code as well.
    How are games made with java? are there any programs that are used to do it all with?
    I don't expect to be able to learn this in 2 days which is why i'm prepared to put as much time into it as possible, i just don't know where to go or what to do.
    can anyone point me in some directions? or maybe tell me a little about what i have mentioned?
    Hopefully someone may be kind enough to give me a little more insight.
    Thank you in advance.

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    The newest version of the Netbeans IDE has "Matisse" included, which offers a "drop certain GUI elements into the build and it generates code for you for those elements" functionality. I am not convinced at how helpful or meaningful it is to use such a short-cut, or how good the self-generated code may be [just as the self-coding of FrontPage has its shortcomings], but that may fit somewhat into what you are looking for.

    If you are looking for a Java IDE, it is a very good one.

    If you have all of this time on your hands, and this driving committment, why not do it right? Why not learn to code on your own, get your hands greasy (well, what passes for greasy in Java programming) with command line compilation and writing your code in a text program (such as TextPad), developing your skills at class design, construction, and implementation, understanding data structures, and how the underlying data manipuation translates to a good user experience through the UI.

    There are "game programming in Java" books which will give you insight to the foundational skills you need to develop and then the application of those skills in this endeavor.

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    Jan 2006
    If you are thinking about going into creating games using a GUI builder wont be of much use to you. You will need to learn how to code as there are no frontpage-esque tools available for it. I recommend the following books, the first to get stated with java, and the second is great for creating games, but it assumes you know a good bit about java:



    Kind regards,
    Efficiency is intelligent laziness

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    Mar 2006
    I don't agree with the first book as a learning tool although it claims to be for begginers and it is somewhat it isn't a very straight forward book. It's what I used to learn java only becuase it was required by my college. It is a very confusing read to me it goes on and on about nothing sometimes and doesn't explain the important things very well like inheritance and polymorphism. As for game programming if you want to make serious games like the ones on xbox and playstationg I would go with learning c++ and OpenGL, c++ is more difficult to learn than java but in my opinion it is leaps and bounds ahead of java in the game programming world. That is quickly changing but you'll have to do your own research. I would definately get a firm understanding of java or c++ before I even thought about game programming as well as a strong background in mathematics.

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    Feb 2006
    Cologne - Germany
    I suggest first to learn java. good resources are java.sun.com as well as several java online books (thinking in java). if you are german, you also can join "java ist auch eine insel".
    when you start to understand java and programming in general, you can start on specializing on 2d and 3d game programming.

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    Mar 2006

    Thumbs up Good Resource on this link!

    You can check leepoint site -

    good resource!


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