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    Mar 2006

    how to get contents from jtextpane

    the textpane may contain many images and multiple fonts and text in
    different colors...
    so how can i get the contents from this textpane...
    how do i know that where the text in different color and where the images are embeded
    becuze in normal textarea we can get the text by getText() method
    becauze only text can be present in textarea...but the textpane can contain different kind of contents..so how can we get contents from
    jtextpane and send content of jtextpane to mail

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    Feb 2006
    I've never used JTextPanes but this stuff looked helpfull

    here's the official java class description page

    and here's the java tutorial for JTextPanes

    it looks to me like to get the attributes of the text you'll have to use
    public AttributeSet getCharacterAttributes()

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    Mar 2006

    how to content from textpane??

    how to get content(text, is formmated, color is changed, picture also added to textpane) from textpane, how those elements are send to mail. with out losing formatting.

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