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Thread: JPanel and Class

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    Lightbulb JPanel and Class

    as a complete newbe I have a question about Graphics.
    I have a package with a frmStartForm and a class DrawSomething in it.
    I have a frmStartForm with a jPanel_1 on it.
    I wrote a new Class named Design, with a methode DrawSomething in it.

    public void DrawSomething(){

    I make in the frmStarForm a new instance from the Design class

    Design design = new Design;

    so far so good.

    But if I write in the frmStartForm (call the method)

    nothing will happens, unless some errors appears.
    I've did try all way's to draw something from out my class, but no way, I give up, unless someone can give me an understandble hint, as I said, I'm a complete newbe, and my experiance is that some people will give a helping hand, but speak in riddles.

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    if I understand well ur question..
    you may try to create ur own panel extending from JPanel and using the paintComponent methode :
    class ur_panel extends JPanel{
    public void paintComponent(Graphics g){
    super.paintComponent(Graphics g); // to call the parent methode>>ofJPanel

    //I have tryed just some few figure like a line a cercle or an rectangle
    //for exemple to draw a simple line:
    g.drawLine(15,10,100,15); // setting bounds
    ur_panel p=new ur_panel();

    i have never used a String ....just seacrh all the Graphics methode( drawline,drawOvale,...u may find somthg about strings)...

    good luck

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