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    Apr 2006

    midi file writer

    i need a java source code to write a midi file
    i have the midi note numbers , corresponding velocity and tick
    for wav data windowed for 46 milli seconds

    i need to eliminate the notes detected due to noise too

    help needed urgently
    thank u

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    Jan 2006
    Check out the great work at http://www.jsresources.org/

    Kind regards,
    Efficiency is intelligent laziness

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    Dec 2007

    Unhappy please help me

    hello every one............
    i really need help with this program in java i try to do it but no way.
    so i really want your help the problem that i cant connect between jtextfild and there exceptions.ex is
    CreateTextFile displays a frame with four labels and four text fields for
    entering invoice data: part number, description, quantity, price per item (grid
    layout for this panel is ok). At the bottom of the frame there are three buttons,
    "Save To File," "Cancel Item," "Exit." When the first button is clicked, the
    values of invoice data are validated, written to file “invoices.txt” and the text
    fields are cleared to accept a next set of data. When the second button is
    clicked, the text fields are simply cleared. A click on the third button displays a
    confirmation dialog that asks the user "Do you really want to exit?" If the user
    clicks the No button, the dialog is removed and the user continues entering
    invoice data. If the user clicks the Yes button, the application terminates.
    When the user clicks the closing icon at the right-top corner of the frame, the
    application ends without asking questions.
    To support this functionality, CreateTextFile program includes three other
    classes GUIframe, SaveHandler, and OutputFile. The frame constructor puts
    the labels and text fields for entering invoice data on the top panel, and the
    control buttons on the bottom panel. The labels should use a 14 pts bold
    Helvetica font. Make sure that the frame cannot be resized, and experiment
    with frame dimensions so that it looks nicely. Concentrate everything related
    to the GUI appearance in the frame constructor, not in main. Other GUIframe
    methods are setUpHandlers, clearTextFields, getTextFields.
    Method setUpHandlers creates a SaveHandler object and makes it a listener
    to the four text fields and to the Save button. Also, setUpHandlers adds an
    anonymous listener to the Cancel button (it calls clearTextFields) and another
    anonymous listener to the Exit button (it calls method closeFile of class
    OutputFile). Method clearTextFields sets all four text fields to empty strings.
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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    So, what is your question?

    It is rather unclear by your post.

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    Dec 2007
    my question is idont Know how to codeing this if ihave Method getTextFields is called from class SaveHandler. If any of the text
    fields is empty, SaveHandler shows a message dialog saying "Please enter
    data into each field" and returns so that the user can correct error(s).

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