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    Angry Why? java.awt.AWTError: BoxLayout can't be shared

    Below is my code. I got "java.awt.AWTError: BoxLayout can't be shared" error. But it's fine

    if I replace the line 5 with
    frame.setLayout(new BoxLayout(pane, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));

    Although I can pinpoint the location of error and fix it up, I don't know why this error happen.

    public class BoxLayoutDemo {
    public BoxLayoutDemo(){
    JFrame frame = new JFrame("Button Demo");
    Container pane = frame.getContentPane();
    frame.setLayout(new BoxLayout(frame, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));

    JButton button1 = new JButton ("I Love You");

    public static void main (String[] args){
    new BoxLayoutDemo();

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    a layout manager determines the size and position of the components within a container or panel, but has nothing to do with a JFrame

    a JFrame is simply used as top-level window with a title and a border

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