Hello, i'm in need of some help here...
I'm trying to use a JFormattedTextField in a couple of ways here.
First to input data into a database. This part works fine. The other is to retrieve the same field when a query is called. I have this working with a regular JTextField, but I need to change it to other for consistancy.

I have it sort of working but it's not working all the way.

The format is ###UUU, an is set to COMMIT because some won't have all three alpha's. And this is where i seem to be having the issue. I can input it fine from the keyboard, but if i call it up from a resultSet, It will only show if it is the full size. anything else won't show. it's not like they are in the wrong format...

Is there anyway i can set it so it will display something that isn't full size?

Thanks for your help