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Thread: Array help

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    Apr 2006

    Array help

    Hey guys,

    I have to do this entire program from scratch again since I did it wrong and have no clue to make it work properly. Can you guys give me some help with the code for this program?

    Write a class Array that contains the field

    private int[] data;

    Array also contains the constructor

    public Array(int[] in)

    that copies in onto data by eliminating duplicate elements.

    Array has 2 methods

    public ArrayList getSubsets()


    public ArrayList recursiveGetSubsets()

    that return the set of all subsets of data.

    You must also write a driver that prompts the user to enter a line of integers and
    prints out the set of it subsets.

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    San Bernardino County, California
    So, what is YOUR approach? What have you learned is wrong with what you did before? Where do you need to make corrections?

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